Keep your Stinger


Keep your Stinger up-to-date.

In order fully enjoy your Stinger, it is important to keep it updated: software updates will not only correct known bugs, but often also improve performance in other ways. The easiest way to keep your Stinger current is to download the Stinger Desktop application and regularly consult it, as Stinger Desktop will automatically offer the latest software version for your Computer Center, Laser Center and radar antenna.

stinger desktop app

To get our Desktop app, click on one of the download buttons - choose Mac or PC - and follow the prompts.

Stinger Desktop


Version 2020v6

Stinger Desktop


Version 2020v6


Stinger Desktop does not yet offer SpotList updates: download the latest version here.

If you own a Stinger system (so with Strip or View display), click on the 'Stinger system' download button, 'unpack' the file, move the software to your USB Key 'as is' (so not in a file folder), insert the USB key into the Stinger Computer Center in your car (or the Laser Center if you have a Laser-only set-up) and follow the prompts.

If you own a Card or DSI Display, click on the 'Card/DSI' download button and use Stinger Desktop to load the software onto your display.

UK & Ireland

Stinger system

Version 2020v6


Card / DSI

Version 2020v6

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